Our Life


Yes, I know

I am another person blogging

And yes on the surface this blog may not look any different than any other person blogging about life

But I do hope that in the end I can look back and say it has been different because it is the story of our life and I do not want our life to be just like any other persons life

This is the story of our extra ordinary life that is truly extraordinary

Our Family

Photo courtesy of Odd Dog Design & Photography

That is me on the left, Hubs on the right and Miss Smiles in the middle

And our dog Georgia


Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you decide to come back.


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  1. This is a great idea. My family (dad’s side) started a blog just for the Pierce family, and we really took off with it. Not only did it allow us to talk to each other, it really rekindled some relationships. You will go down in history now:) Love you guys.

  2. Hey!

    The idea of writing things down is great! I could never do it on here, but I’ve always thought I should at least keep a journal. I have never actually done that, perhaps because I always think what I’ve written looks silly once on paper. So, good for you! I think I’ll enjoy learning more about you and what you are up to everyday. It will be good for us family!

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