The Title


As a child when I thought about what I wanted to be as an adult it was never a concrete profession but I wanted to do something that would get me into the encyclopedia.

Here I am in my early thirties and that has not happened so far and my current life path is not lending itself to end up in the encyclopedia.

Am I upset that I am not in the encyclopedia…not really, but I do struggle with the thought that my life is ordinary.  I have many friends that by a world standard are leading extraordinary lives and when I stop to compare myself to that I get a bit down on life.

My hope is that by blogging I will see that those extra ordinary things in my life are truly extraordinary.  They are extraordinary because I have been made in the image of an all mighty God who is anything but extra ordinary so therefore my life, no matter how ordinary it seems, is extraordinary.

Being a stay at home mom is not going to land me in any encyclopedia, but if I was off doing something that might land me in the encyclopedia I would not have been home to take Miss Smiles strawberry picking for the first time.

Or been home this morning to capture the moment when she turned daddy’s (clean) gym shorts into a cape.

Who reads an encyclopedia anymore anyway 🙂


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