Movin’ on Up


We used to live out in the sticks.  Like really, our house was in the middle of the woods and our backyard was littered with sticks.  And I would use the phrase, “Going to town”, because we did not live in town but on the far reaches of a town.

During this last year we decided we wanted to try living like other people, so we moved to a real neighborhood and we now have our own mailbox and a neighborhood pool.  The theme from the The Jeffersons kept playing through my head on moving day.

All that to say that while we are actually in a town we still live in an area that most would consider rural.

For example a stones throw from our house is this place.

Pay close attention to the sign.  Did you notice it?  A country store, gas station and restaurant all rolled in to one.  Yes we eat there, and yes it is very good.  Gas  is a little high, so I do go elsewhere for that.

And then at the next closest gas station is this wonderful invention.

Yep.  A vending machine that you buy live bait out of!  I have never had the need to use this machine but it truly fascinates me.

Jealous, right?


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