A Food Week In Review


It has been a busy few days around our house this week.  We have had family visiting, family leaving, more family visiting, etc.

It has also been a stellar week in the bargain shopping department.

In fact the things that I got most excited about revolved around getting good deals on food. In the process of getting good deals I got a bit over zealous with a few purchases.

A list and a few pics will sum up most of this past weeks highlights in the food department.

  • Me, Smiley and my sister-in-law picked blueberries for $5 a gallon.  FIVE DOLLARS A GALLON!!
  • I bought 2 frozen pizzas, perogies, garlic bread, frozen cookie dough and boneless buffalo wings for a total of $14.25.
  • Homemade challah (my SIL Leigh was having trouble with her bread so we worked on a few things)
  • I bought roughly 60 ears of fresh picked corn from a local farm for $13.50 (The current problem is that I have already done this once the week before and now I have no room in our chest freezer for 60 more ears of corn, so if any one knows how to can corn I would love a lesson)
  • Walked out of Chick-fil-A with 2 combo meals and a kids meal for ZERO DOLLARS!!  I love cow appreciation day!
  • BOGO chicken biscuits at Chick-fil-A the next morning.
  • My SIL and I hit the Sav-Mor sale Saturday morning and racked up on groceries for a combined total of $35 (the highlights being 25 boxes of organic mac n cheese, 10 pizza crust, 5 boxes of cinnamon roll mix, 5 bags of flour, 20 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of popcorn, and a lot of other random things).

Blueberry Picking

Homemade Challah

Sav-Mor Sale



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