A Fragile Life


Right now dear friends of mine are sitting in a hospital room in the PICU watching their son fight for his life.

At 4:30pm yesterday he was fine and acting like his normal self.

At 5:30pm he was in a hospital emergency room.

At 7:30pm he was being prepped to be life-flighted to a childrens hospital 2hrs from their home.

At 9:30pm I watched his life flight land (because I happen to be in the same city he was coming to).

At 11:30pm he was being prepped for brain surgery.

At 1:30am the surgeon was telling his parents that surgery was successful, but he still might not make it.

At 3:00am he coded and we waited.  He came back.  He is a fighter.

At 5:00am I left the hospital to get a few hours of sleep at my parents house.

At 10:00am I woke up and hugged my daughter fiercely and looked at her with new eyes.

At 10:30am I talked with a mother who is functioning on auto pilot.

At 1:00pm I saw my dear friends little boy as he clings to life in a medically induced coma.

At 1:30pm we sat and ate microwavable mac n cheese because she had not eaten more than a muffin in 12hrs.

At 3:30pm I saw my daughter and hugged and thanked God for every moment I have with her.


Cherish every moment you have with those you love.  Love your children fiercely but turn them over to God because there are somethings that you have no control over.  Take joy in what you have been given because by tomorrow it might be gone.


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  1. As a mom who has been on the “business end” of more than one PICU I add my admonition to yours. Yes, cherish every moment and try not to take any for granted. Understand that before they take their first breath, God is sovereign over their precious lives.

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