Cooking with the Mennonites


I have a confession.

I have an unhealthy obsession with owning cookbooks.

I currently have 31 published cookbooks, 2 recipe books made by friends, 1 spiral notebook with recipes I find in magazines and an email address used specifically to get recipe emails.

I would own twice as many cookbooks if I had somewhere to put them and the money to spend on them.

For awhile I have been wanting to take a look at a Mennonite cookbook for some bread recipes.  I have heard great things about their bread recipes.  My problem has been that I do not live somewhere that has a Mennonite community, I do not vacation where there is a thriving Mennonite community and I have no money to spend on cookbooks at the moment.

Yes, I am sure that there are about 1000 sites on the world wide web filled with Mennonite recipes but let me remind you that I love cookbooks.  A website is just not the same for me.  I want to touch the book and random flip through its pages and quickly move between the dessert section and the main dish section.  Not so easy to do on a computer.

Now enters my friend Joni.

Guess what?

Joni has tons of Mennonite cookbooks!!

I am currently borrowing these 4 from her.

I am fascinated with them.  I have written down a handful or recipes to try and have already made some excellent bread.

One of the most fascinating things though is the names of the recipes.

For example…

Old-fashioned Stink Cheese  really who wants to make this

Bean Loaf   from what I can tell it is a bean version of meatloaf

Vegetable Loaf  just in case you want variety with your loaf options

Liver Loaf, Ham Loaf, Chicken Loaf  pretty much any sort of loaf you want

Geburtstagkuchen   I do not even know

Roasted Pig’s Stomach  because everyone loves some good pig stomach

Beggar’s Dish  this one was actually really good.

Guess I better go now.  My vegetable loaf is almost done 🙂


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