Our life revolves around food


I have come to realize that my world revolves around food.

This could explain why I need to lose about 25lbs 🙂

I love food and I want my family to love food.

Not just the eating of it, but the making of it.

I want Smiley to grow up know where our food comes from.

I want her to know eggs come from chickens and not just from the grocery store.

I want her to know that fruit grows during seasons and not year round.

I want her to know that grapes grow on vines and peaches on trees and not because she read it in a book.

I want her to enjoy the smell and taste of bread straight out of the oven.

I want her to know jelly can be made at home and does not have to be bought in a store.

I hope Smiley grows up to appreciate all that God has given to us to enjoy.

I want her to stand in an apple orchard on a mountain side and thank our Creator for creating such wonderful things.

I hope she gets to be at her great aunt and uncles house when the corn gets harvested and appreciate the hard work that goes into getting that corn on the table.

I hope she grows up to enjoy food as much as I do.


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