Stonyfield Yogurt


Dear Stonyfield Yogurt

I love you.

You bring joy to my taste buds.  Especially your Chocolate Underground.

I know people that turn up their nose to your chocolate flavor but they have not tried you.  I cheer you on and hope that one day they will see the light and try your chocolaty goodness.

I know lots of people that make their own yogurt and they urge me to give it a try, but I won’t because I do not know how to make chocolate yogurt.  In fact you are the only ones that I know of that makes yummy chocolate yogurt.

My only complaint is that you are an expensive yogurt.  But, you are on sale at Ingles right now and I bought almost all of you from their store today.  I left 3 in case someone else loves you too.

I do appreciate your rewards program so that I can get free chocolate yogurt sometimes.

I also am very glad that you carry the good bacteria that helps protect against stomach virus’ because I am very sensitive to that.

Thank you for making Chocolate Underground yogurt; please do not ever stop.





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