Rock the Cazbah


Yes, I know that I did not spell the title the way The Clash do in their song.

Now that is out of the way let me get to the point of this blog. FOOD!

The Hubs and I are very fortunate to have an amazing babysitter who loves Smiley and works for free.

Yeah, FREE and she is not related to us!

Recently on our weekly semi-regular date night we went to eat tapas in downtown Greer.

We walked into The Cazbah at roughly 6pm and there was no one around.

So what do we do, we turn around and walk out and look at the sign on the door to see if they are really open. (why would the door be unlocked if they were not open, not sure)

We walked back in and found a guy at the bar (who happened to work there) who directed us to the roof.

Turns out that is where the action is.

Roof Top Dining.

It was wonderful.

We ate things like Tempura Asparagus, Mac N Cheese Egg Rolls, Mushroom n Goat Cheese Ravioli; just to name a few.

It was crazy good.  Like I was transported back to the days when I ate like this often (you know the pre-kid, pre-hubby days when I just blew money because I only had to worry about me days).

I love food and so tapas dining is my kinda dining because you get to eat a lot of different things and not spend $100 and not walk away feeling like you just ate your weight in food.

And, to make the event even better, we were using a Living Social Deal so it was a seriously cheap date.

All this to say that if you are ever in the vicinity of downtown Greer and you are without your kidlets and it is dinner time then The Cazbah is definitely where you need to dine.



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