Mama always said there’d be days like this


Yesterday was errand day

We (Smiley and I) accomplished a lot today

I accomplished the following by 1pm….

  • Trip to the doc for Smiley to get a flu shot
  • A leisurely , fruitful crazy, unproductive trip to Miracle Hill
  • A stop in at Aldi
  • A quick, productive run into TJ Maxx
  • A well planned and controlled chaotic trip into Dollar Tree
  • A fun and delicious lunch with the Hubs at The Cafe @ Williams Hardware
  • A short walk on Main St. with my loves

Smiley accomplished the following by 1pm….

  • A brave trip to get a flu shot where she only cried for 5 seconds
  • Learned to crawl and standup in between all the racks of clothing at Miracle Hill
  • How to get an elderly lady to tie her shoes in Aldi
  • Where the organic lollipops are found in TJ Maxx
  • That the Dollar Tree has lots of “aluminum boxes” that can be taken off the shelf and piled on the floor
  • That grilled cheese on wheat at The Cafe @ Williams Hardware is delicious
  • That holding hands with her parents is great fun and that leaves grow to be almost as big as her

After our action packed morning I was sure that the rest of the day would go smoothly since Smiley would be napping.  Current me is laughing at past me for thinking such silly thoughts.

Our afternoon between the hours of 1 and 5….

  • Smiley not napping
  • Me not napping even though I wanted to sooooooo badly
  • Me trying to make Shepherds pie, cookies and a ravioli bake to take to a friend who just had a baby
  • Me helping a high school chic with her Human Anatomy and Physiology  class
  • Smiley running around the downstairs playing with whatever she could get her hands on
  • Smiley falling off the kitchen counter and getting her first fat lip
  • Me feeling like the worst mom ever for letting it happen
  • Me finishing making meals with a toddler attached to me
  • Delivering aforementioned meals to my friend

Lets only hope that today will carry a little less drama. Probably not going to happen since we will be participating in a toddler trick-or-treat playdate at 9:30am




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  1. Yes those days do happen. Loralai got a fat lip this morning when she fell on her face while crawling. She has a scratch across her chin that bled due to me scratching her with my own fingernail. I have since cut all of my fingernails down as far as possible. Yesterday on an attempted trip to Joanns she cried an entire 10 minutes down the road which was only halfway to the store. I just turned around and came home and she cried the next 10 minutes as well. She stopped once I got her out of the car. Will attempt again today.

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