Life Lessons in a Parking Lot


Is it ever a wise choice to attend a sale that must post a sign at its entrance that says “we are not responsible for any harm that may come to you during the sale”?

Saturday I choose to attend the bi-weekly Sav-Mor Sidewalk Sale.  My friend Lacey Keigley and two of her sweet girls decided to join in the fun craziness.

If you live in Greenville or its surround suburbs I highly recommend you at least try it once.  You have never really lived until you have.

As we picked out our spots along the perimeter of the rows and rows of banana boxes full of groceries, each with a 8 year old in tow, we began to fill the anticipation rising up in us.

As the clock ticked closer to 9am, the magic hour, we started to second guess our spots.  Had we made the right choice.  Would we get the best deals by running (yes, running) down that “aisle”?  We did not pick those aisles randomly but with thought because we saw things on them that we wanted.  But, then we started looking around and wondered, “could we have done better?”  There was some really great stuff several rows over.  But now, it was too late to move.  Those other people would get that good deal.  We would need to be satisfied with the path we picked.

We talked yelled back and forth about the choices we made and how our lack of contentment is just like with any other thing in life.  How we pick a path and are not content to enjoy what is on it.  How what someone else picked seems so much better than what we decide.  How their choice looks better and will be better than our own.  How we wish we had picked differently.  Why can we not find the joy in what we have in front of us?  Why must we look side to side and want more?  Why are we so quick to compare ourselves to what others have and wish we had it too?

And then the whistle blew and we ran.  And we grabbed.  And we grabbed.  And we grabbed.

And then we stood looking at our 5 boxes worth of goodies feeling so proud of ourselves and what we had accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Then we looked at the people next to us and thought, “man they got some great stuff, wish I had seen that”.


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