Pinterest: To Eat or Not To Eat


I have a really bad habit of pinning 5 bajillion things to Pinterest and not following through with 4 bajillion of them.

I have decided that needs to change.  Why I never get around to making the stuff I pin I have no idea.  I mean I pinned them for a reason, right?  So I have been on a baking/cooking roll lately.

The Test Subject – Fruit Bars

I made these from Food and Whine

This is the only picture I have from the experience.


I have the ability to bake but not the ability to bake pretty.  Look at her pictures and imagine mine looked just as lovely!

I did make a few changes from the original recipe based on what I had on hand.

I used 1cup wheat, 1/2c ground oats and 1/2c cake flour for my flour base.  Also, instead of her fruit filling I used homemade strawberry jam (because I am overflowing in it).

The Verdict:  Absolutely amazingly delicious.  I made them originally for Smiley but I have been eating them too they are so good.  We will definitely be making them again.  I am sure they will become a regular in our house.

Tips:  It is definitely an art to fill them and seal them.  Mine oozed out a lot while baking.  I think I over-filled some and in general did not seal them well.  Also the dough can be really sticky so make sure your work surface is floured very well.  It also helps if you chill the dough for a bit before rolling it out.



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