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Give Me More


I have not blogged since the end of October

I really need to get better at this blogging thing

Maybe with a new year I will have a renewed sense of commitment to this

Maybe I won’t

Time will tell

I had saved a few potential blog ideas to blog about later and well now is way later so I guess I will try and remember what I want to tell the 12 of you that actually look at what I have to say

The following is the only note I left myself:

Andy Stanley sermon

God offered what they needed, they did not want, what they wanted God would not give.

Of course I can not write with the profoundness that Andy speaks with, but the sermon left me with wanting to say something here

Too often in my life I ask God for things that I never receive from him.  Things that I do not necessarily think are greedy, but still too often I am on the asking end of the conversation instead of on the receiving end.  I ask God for so many material things and then when He gives me tries to give me what I need I walk away feeling letdown.  He hands patience and contentment and I return it because for some reason I would rather have impatience and discontent.  I ask for more money to buy things and then I forget to thank Him when randomly a friend gives us a bag full of clothes for Smiley.

God graciously gives me what I need because he knows what is best for me.  He knows that my heart and this world will constantly deceive me.  He knows that I will fall prey to trying to build up my treasures on this earth instead of waiting for the greatest treasures in Heaven.  How quickly I forget that He is my Father and he is perfection so he wants nothing less that what is the very best for me.

I hope that with this new year I will spend more time receiving what God gives me.